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Villa ” Logatero” is situated 50 m away from the ” Harmani” beach in the south-east part of Sozopol, and is
named after the historic hill adjacent to it. The harmony, unique design of the Villa will make your stay me- morable!
If you or your children like to sunbathe away form the beach, the Villa offers two pools – a regular and cildren`s
pool, together with a playyard adjacent to them. Those with attention to detail will appreciate the designer`s
touch in the lobby and the peaceful ambiance of the garden.
The Villa has eight rooms, two studio apartaments, and one Vip apartment (140 m2)

Today, Sozopol is a tourist attracrion with excellent summer weather, golden sands, renowned hospitality, and
unique architechtural and historic ambiance coming from the narrow streets lined with 19th century wood and
stone houses. Outside of the busy tourist season during July and August, Sozopol is a quiet and romantic fishing town making it an attractive place forthe artistically inclined. A walk through the romantic street can take
youback to the time of the Bulgarian Renaissance. The sea-front alleys offer excellent views of the bay and the boats, as well as my cafes and restaurants serving freshly prepared clam, fish, and other sea delicacies.
Sozopol is a town wit many historical landmarks. Among them is the extraordinary ” Virgin Mary” church, situa-
tedin the Old Town of Sozopol. It dates back to the 17th century and is under the protection of UNESCO as world cultural heritage. The Old Town has a well-run Archeological Museum, in which amphoras, anchors model of ships, etc., from the ancient times of Greek and Phoenician inhabitants of these lands are exhibited.
The Garde connects the ancient and the new part of Sozopol, along a beautiful cobble-stone covered street. Numerous cafes, small shops, clubs, and attractions line the main “Republikanska” street in the nw part of
Sozopol. Two of the beaches in Sozopol are within the city limits, a 5 of 10 min walk from any part of the town.
Besides being an important ancient trade centre, Sozopol has always been and active centre for culture and art. This tradition continues today, with the annual hostinng of the ” Apolonia” art festival. For ten day in the begining of September Sozopol bustles with people who have come to see the musica, dance, film and theatrical performances, as well as the art exhibitions. To get Sozopol, you can use the mini-buses that connect it to the regional transportation centre Bourgas or the regularly scheduled busses form Sofia and all over Bulgaria.    Hotel Logatero       Behance Close